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Because Keyword Technology  is so advanced, few people can really say they are experts at it. We feel we can confidently claim that title. There are a few ways to prove we know our stuff, go to any major search engine and type in Keyword Technology, see if we don't show up in the top spot. 
Your Website Needs To Be Found - in order for you to increase sales, you need contacts that are looking for you by keyword. When they search at an engine, entering some relevant keywords, your site needs to show up.
We're able to successfully program your site to match the relevant keywords, use technology to leverage that and drive visitors to your site.
You can test out at Yahoo the phrase Keyword Technology, out of 39 million pages in a highly competitive field of position experts we are ranked in 1st position. We are pretty sure the same thing happens at MSN where there are 3.5 million results. Just to be sure, check Google as well, we'll be there.
The neat thing with us is that we'll put your site on the first page of results first, then we can move forward, we don't expect you to do anything if we can't get there. Call us, or email and let's get your site producing the results you want.

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Company History
Uppgroup Inc. Founder, Merv Carlson is one of the premier Keyword Technology specialists around. He has assembled a team of highly qualified, skilled web crafters who specialize in positioning. Since 1996 they have been providing quality service to companies and individuals.

Future Plans
All business online undergoes change, changes to the web are constant, business process also undergoes modifications, adjustments and more. We always follow what we know works, yet constantly test new concepts and improve proven methods. Watch our newsletter section for informative articles and advice.


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