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Keyword Technology
Over the past couple of month's we have been working on a project to launch the PR news and press release section for Uppgroup Inc. We have been using press releases for years, dating back to just before 2000, so a dozen years or so.

Press releases have been a mainstay for companies to announce critical events, what has transpired over the years is that the frequency level has dramatically changed. Before, we might issue a press release every six months. We eventually started quarterly press releases and stayed with that for a few years.

Today, we issue on a regular ongoing basis, and the types of press releases are considerably different. Now, we release faster information, it's not "SUCH A BIG DEAL" but it's news worthy.

When your a firm that comes to us and is looking for keyword technology, or positioning and ranking, maybe even a brand new online strategy. The first thing we will look at doing is to get the press releases moving.

Keyword technology is the science behind how people look for information. How we present the information to people should be based around how they look, not how we want to present.

Many individuals have a difficult time understanding this concept, as they want to present all the facts and details about the product or service they have in their language, the style of speaking and writing they have. They don't really want to know actually how people are looking for it, they simply want to "Tell People What They Have".

This is fine, nothing wrong with this, however, it will only be found by the exact same group of people who just happen to be looking for exactly the way this individual writes, speaks, shares etc.

We think it's best first off to find out where the easiest path to the greatest amount of buyers is, then pitch those people, based on how they see it, rather than pitch the way we see it, then try to find those people.

In every group of product categories there are segments of buyers, you will not be able to appeal to all of them with one website and one group of product descriptions. This is where keyword technology comes into play. We first determine how many segments of buyers there are.

They will basically tell you how they look for products. Remember this, how they look, is how they buy. Speak to them about the product the way they looked for it, and you will sell them.

If you bring them to a site using words that they were looking for, then tell them all about the product in a diffferent style, you'll lose all the buyers, they will lose interest. You need to stay in the keyword style they originated in. Thus, the reason you have different styles of websites, talking about the same product, but in a much different language.

Keyword technology will take your sales to a new level as you'll be presenting the correct information to the correct group of buyers, this yields the highest ratio of sales to visitors.

Talk to us, we know keyword technology, we have been online for a very long time, have thousands of clients, we are proud of our positioning, and think we can do a great job for you.

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